Invested Central is an information resource about trading in the stock market. We’re a comprehensive source of in-depth trading and investing technical analysis.Invested Central is an information resource about trading in the stock market. We’re a comprehensive source of in-depth trading and investing technical analysis.
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Invested Central Chief Market Strategist and contributor Tom Bowley has taught thousands of traders around the world how to analyze the markets and make money trading. Learn more about Tom's philosophy on trading.

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"My membership has paid for itself many times over in just a few months. They have outstanding customer service and one of the best market technical analysts to guide you through the market battlefield. If you are a serious investor, you seriously need this service!" - RC, Texas
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"My ability to interpret charts and my confidence in my abilities have improved greatly. For 18 months my account balance was like a sign wave. I have finally broken out. In fact, my account is up 65 percent since mid August! Yes that's right 65 percent! Thanks guys!" - Mike, Ontario
"I am an experienced active investor with over 11 years experience in financial markets. Since I became a member I have learned more from you guys in the last 6 weeks than I ever did before. I have already paid for over 2 years' worth of subscription in one month!" - Alok, Missouri
"If one wants to be up to speed on the trends of the stock market, has an interest in technical analysis, has an open mind and wants to learn, then Tom Bowley is your man. In my 6 months with the IC team I have 73% winning trades...Eat your heart out Cramer." - Don, Arizona

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Recent Articles

The Jolt I was Expecting - Sort of
John S Hopkins Jr - October 19, 2014
The mostly negative action this week reminded me of a blog I did about a month ago titled, "Be ready for the big jolt." The premise of the blog was that we need to be prepared in some way for sudden, out of the blue type events like we saw this week. . . . keep reading
Tom Bowley's Market Chatter for October 17, 2014
Tom Bowley - October 17, 2014
It's not often you can sit back and say the market's doing just about what you expected. But that's the case today. Options expire. Miraculously (sarcasm), the filled candlesticks have disappeared and we're all of a sudden seeing a much more bullish trading environment. Of course, we've discussed how higher prices would work to the benefit of market makers as options expire and that's exactly what we've seen . . . keep reading
No room to spare
John S Hopkins Jr - October 12, 2014
The selling into the end of the week was fierce with not much spared. The NASDAQ in particular got hammered on Friday losing 2.33%. The Dow and S&P lost ground as well but I like to focus on the S&P as it tracks 500 companies and thus is a good representation of what's going on in the overall market . . . keep reading
Tom Bowley's Market Chatter for October 10, 2014
Tom Bowley - October 10, 2014
The Russell 2000 recently lost key intermediate-term price support near 1090 and the selling quickly accelerated. Today, it's the NASDAQ's turn to test key support. 4326.28 is the number to watch on the close. Today's low hit 4299 before bouncing. Given that options expire next Friday and we've had such a significant short-term decline, it's not out of the question that we'll see a bounce to damage all the net in-the-money put premium that currently exists . . . keep reading
Don't Doubt the Fed
John S Hopkins Jr - October 04, 2014
If you are still hanging on to the notion that the Fed is about ready to raise interest rates you can park that thought for a while. Not going to happen. Just look at what happened the past year as a great example . . . keep reading
Tom Bowley's Market Chatter for October 3, 2014
Tom Bowley - October 03, 2014
Yesterday I discussed the urgency, especially with the small caps, to see an afternoon rally. We saw a very nice rally across all of our major indices with the Russell 2000 closing back above that key 1090 level. That led to renewed bullish optimism from a technical perspective and today's solid jobs report added to the strength in futures . . . keep reading
Will the bulls do it again?
John S Hopkins Jr - September 28, 2014
Last week was rocky, to say the least, with all of the major indexes closing below key technical levels after getting pounded on Thursday, only to rebound on Friday, with all of the indexes closing back above their respective 50 day moving averages by week's end. That's been a hallmark of the bulls for a long time now; step up to the plate exactly when needed . . . keep reading
Tom Bowley's Market Chatter for September 26, 2014
Tom Bowley - September 26, 2014
Our major indices took a decidedly negative turn on Thursday as key levels of support were lost across not only on our major indices, but also may key sectors and industry groups. We saw the longest red candle on the NASDAQ since early April and volume was quite strong on a relative basis with nearly 2 billion shares changing hands. Any time we see price support lost - even short-term price support - on heavier than normal volume, we must take notice . . . keep reading
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