Invested Central is an information resource about trading in the stock market. We’re a comprehensive source of in-depth trading and investing technical analysis.Invested Central is an information resource about trading in the stock market. We’re a comprehensive source of in-depth trading and investing technical analysis.
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Working with Invested Central

Our mission is simple - to make you a better trader. We provide extensive technical analysis education, superior market guidance and high reward to risk stock/ETF trading candidates to help our members achieve their wealth management goals.

We are in our ninth year of business and continue to serve members who have been part of the Invested Central community since the very beginning. Learn more about the Invested Central Method

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"My membership has paid for itself many times over in just a few months. They have outstanding customer service and one of the best market technical analysts to guide you through the market battlefield. If you are a serious investor, you seriously need this service!" - RC, Texas
"I have done O.K. over the years investing, but I have never been on the right side of a down market until joining Invested Central. Thanks a lot to John, Tom and all those that make Invested Central possible. It's a great site, service, resource and community." - Alan, British Columbia
"My ability to interpret charts and my confidence in my abilities have improved greatly. For 18 months my account balance was like a sign wave. I have finally broken out. In fact, my account is up 65 percent since mid August! Yes that's right 65 percent! Thanks guys!" - Mike, Ontario
"I am an experienced active investor with over 11 years experience in financial markets. Since I became a member I have learned more from you guys in the last 6 weeks than I ever did before. I have already paid for over 2 years' worth of subscription in one month!" - Alok, Missouri
"If one wants to be up to speed on the trends of the stock market, has an interest in technical analysis, has an open mind and wants to learn, then Tom Bowley is your man. In my 6 months with the IC team I have 73% winning trades...Eat your heart out Cramer." - Don, Arizona

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Recent Articles

A Trip Down Memory Lane
John Hopkins - April 26, 2015
It's taken 15 years but the NASDAQ is now within striking range of its all time high set in March, 2000. That's quite an accomplishment considering the NASDAQ was close to 1100 when it finally bottomed in October, 2002 . . . keep reading
Seasonal Trends for May
Tom Bowley - April 26, 2015
Monthly rank: S&P 500 - ranks 8th out of 12 calendar months, with annualized returns of 2.28% since 1950 NASDAQ - ranks 5th out of 12 calendar months, with annualized return of 10.17% since 1971 Russell 2000 - ranks 6th out of 12 cal . . . keep reading
When a Trade is Over - It's Over; Almost
John Hopkins - April 19, 2015
Listen up. When you push the sell button on a trade, it's done, finished, kaput. It's over. Right?

Almost. . . .
keep reading
GE to the Rescue
John Hopkins - April 12, 2015
Who would have thunk it? Old stodgy General Electric saving the market, at least for another week. . . . keep reading
Bull Market Remains Intact
Tom Bowley - April 10, 2015
Every week it seems some market analyst is trying to write the obituary for this bull market, but I'm still seeing few signs that the end is at hand. I wrote an article at on Friday detailing why I believe it's necessary to remain on our toes, but to change strategies at this point in time would be a mistake . . . keep reading
Can you Really change your Trading Behavior?
John Hopkins - April 05, 2015
And the answer is...Absolutely!

Listen, if you've been trading for any reasonable period of time, you've probably seen and experienced just about everything: . . .
keep reading
Seasonal Trends for April
Tom Bowley - March 29, 2015
55.5% of April days the S&P 500 has moved higher. April begins with a bang with annualized returns of . . . keep reading
Learning to Take a Profit - Again
John Hopkins - March 27, 2015
I recently reached out to members of the Invested Central community and asked them to share some of the things they struggle with when trading. Not surprisingly, but still always a mystery, learning to take a profit was at the top of the issues heap . . . keep reading
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