Invested Central is an information resource about trading in the stock market. We’re a comprehensive source of in-depth trading and investing technical analysis.Invested Central is an information resource about trading in the stock market. We’re a comprehensive source of in-depth trading and investing technical analysis.
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Invested Central Chief Market Strategist and contributor Tom Bowley has taught thousands of traders around the world how to analyze the markets and make money trading. Learn more about Tom's philosophy on trading.

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4 Signs of Gold Shares Hitting Bearish Extremes
Christopher Wallace - March 01, 2013
The gold market has been bashed, battered and bruised for over a year now. And the gold mining shares have suffered an even worse fate. The technical evidence I have reviewed is suggesting that this has hit an extreme and therefore I expect that we are very close to a bottom in the recent bear market for gold miners. What follows is a brief review of that technical evidence. . . . keep reading
Covered calls in various markets
Eva Zaleski - February 09, 2013
I use a mix of In-The-Money vs. Out-The-Money calls based on market conditions to help me with diversification. In my previous blog I used different acronyms for the call types. I need to modify them: ITM (In-The-Money), OTM (Out-The-Money), ATM (At-The-Money) to keep standard. . . . keep reading
Technical Toolbox: Trend lines and Channels
Christopher Wallace - February 08, 2013
At the foundation of technical analysis sits the trend line. A trend line is created by connecting a line between two major bottoms on a stock chart for a support trend line and two major tops for a r . . . keep reading
Buy RIMM Sell BBRY (BlackBerry)
Chris Hopkins - February 07, 2013
This trade is a(nother) good example of what can happen when you get greedy. What had started as a 9% winner was suddenly a 9% loser in just a matter of hours. By the next day, I was down over 20% because I had held out for a few pennies. . . . keep reading
Where Are The New Highs?
Christopher Wallace - February 06, 2013
As I have discussed in previous articles, I look for confirmations to verify an on-going trend. Recently I talked about how the Dow Theory uses confirmations of the Transportation Average with the Industrial Average to determine if a trend is going to continue or not. . . . keep reading
Setting Stops
John S Hopkins Jr
"I tend to be a swing trader, but I am trying to apply Tom's principles to weekly charts rather than daily charts. I cannot short since my money is in an IRA. I look at a 5 minute chart to . . . keep reading
Lack of Discipline
John S Hopkins Jr
Being honest with yourself is a great start toward making some changes that can turn things around. I want to focus specifically on the concept of "lack of discipline" because this is a big one. . . . keep reading
Developing a Portfolio
John S Hopkins Jr
With the constant volatility in the market, you need to have a strong stomach to buy and hold stocks long enough to create a traditional portfolio of stocks. The good news is that with the ease of access to stocks and ETFs today, you really don't need to limit yourself to a select few options. . . . keep reading
Tom Bowley's Market Chatter for February 1, 2013
Tom Bowley - February 01, 2013
This Market Chatter will be a bit different from most. I have analyzed all 100 stocks within the NASDAQ 100 and broken them down between the stocks I'd be most careful with (24 have long-term negative divergences) and those I'd concentrate on in terms of taking long positions (stronger technicals). As a result of this extended analysis, the balance of this report will be much more shallow than normal. Enjoy! . . . keep reading
Consider the Response rather than the News
John S Hopkins Jr - February 01, 2013
The market has started out the year on an extremely positive note. The month of January ended with the S&P up over 5%, one of the best starts to the year ever. The first day of February got off to a strong start as well with the S&P up 1% and the Dow Jones closing back over 14,000 and clearly within striking distance of its all time high of 14,164 achieved back in April, 2007. . . . keep reading
ITG (Investment Technology Group)
Chris Hopkins - February 01, 2013
One of my goals in 2013 is to try to put my money to better use. In the past I've been more of a buy and hold trader, and I left a lot of potential profits on the table because I a) I would hold a stock too long or b) I was just sitting in cash when the market was moving up. Granted, my portfolio was up over 35% last year, when I didn't make a single trade until July, so some might say don't mess with a good thing. But part of the exercise of learning to be a smarter trader means I feel like I need to be trading more so I can learn what works and what doesn't. . . . keep reading
One For A Frothy Market
Christopher Wallace - January 29, 2013
It has been a terrific market for the last four years. After bottoming in March of 2009, the market has shown nearly four years of steady gains. Some terrific fortunes would have been made by those smart enough (or brave enough!) to have bought at that time. . . . keep reading
Think Earnings Matter?
John S Hopkins Jr - January 27, 2013
In case anyone was wondering if the market lumps all companies together during earnings season only needs to look at two companies to get their answer. We saw last week what happens when a company disappoints and what happens when a company knocks one out of the park. . . . keep reading
Time is the money
Eva Zaleski - January 26, 2013
By selling options (I sell only covered calls on ETFs for now), I am selling also the "time value" component which goes down to zero at expiration. . . . keep reading
Anatomy of a Trade - Cadence Design Systems (CDNS)
Tom Bowley - January 14, 2013
CDNS bounced right off 20 day EMA support, as expected, and quickly climbed back near $14.00, falling two pennies short at $13.98. We still like the stock and, as we mentioned previously, a breakout above $14.00 on increasing volume would likely lead to $15.25. This was only a 3.8% gain, but considering it was only held for 3 days and our major indices were relatively unchanged, it was a solid trade. . . . keep reading
Why covered calls?
Eva Zaleski - January 13, 2013
After several years of investing and trading in stocks and ETFs the time came for me to change the way I utilize my money. The intent is still the same: make money with controlled risk. Mid last year I decided to switch from just trading ETFs to employ options. As a beginner I like to start safe: get some "how to" information and work with my money a step at a time. . . . keep reading
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