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How do we choose a Chart of the Day?
Each day, we provide our renowned Chart of the Day to thousands of members across the globe. Some members use these charts as trading candidates while others simply use them to become more educated with respect to technical analysis.

Technical Analysis is the cornerstone of our trading strategies at Invested Central. The combination of price/volume plus additional technical input from the MACD and other momentum oscillators like RSI and Stochastics drive our stock selection process. The overall broad market picture also plays a big role. We don't believe in trading against the overall market trend unless we see major warning signs beneath the surface of a rally or selloff.

One of our other goals is to trade alongside market makers. These are the "middle men" that not only collect the spread between the bid and the ask, but they also trade for their own accounts, using advanced knowledge of order flow to generate profits time and time again. The role of the market maker is critical to your trading success. They will make money - and do it at YOUR expense! We'll help you learn to recognize the RIGHT side of the trade.

We know that our strategies work and that we can improve your trading success. Join thousands of traders around the world who turn to Invested Central for education and guidance second to none!

See for yourself!
Below are a few examples of some recent charts...check them out to see what a they look like, and more important, how successful we've been! Click to view full size.

How did we do?

In October 2012 we had

11 Winners

4 Neutral

3 Missed

See the full results below

October 26 - ACN

October 15 - MAS


October 11 - HNSN

October 8 - MUR

October 3 - S


October 2012 Results


Date Symbol Result Date Symbol Result Date Symbol Result
October 3 S Winner October 12 MRVL Winner October 22 PII Draw
October 4 LODE Loser October 15 MAS Winner October 23 STI Draw
October 8 MUR Winner October 16 NTAP Winner October 24 BJRI Loser
October 9 EXAS Winner October 17 SAAS Draw October 25 GLT Winner
October 10 AAPL Winner October 18 IPXL Loser October 26 ACN Winner
October 11 HNSN Winner October 19 UUP Winner October 39 TXI Draw
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