Invested Central is an information resource about trading in the stock market. We’re a comprehensive source of in-depth trading and investing technical analysis.Invested Central is an information resource about trading in the stock market. We’re a comprehensive source of in-depth trading and investing technical analysis.
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History Keeps Repeating Itself!

Join our Chief Market Strategist and StockCharts contributor Tom Bowley for a LIVE webinar that will change the way you look at the historical performance of the stock market!

Understanding and Applying the Bowley Trend

Thursday, December 19, 2013 at 7:30 PM Eastern


Did you know that since 1950, there's been a 53.26% chance of the S&P 500 moving higher on any given day. It's not a huge advantage, but whether you're a trader or an investor, you want to know what you're up against.

Well what if I told you that during a certain 10 day period every month, that ratio increases to 56.4%. And during that same 10 day period, the average annualized returns are triple the overall average return of the S&P. What's the lesson? You DO NOT want to be short during these days!

Here's another one. Of the five trading days every week, over the last 60 plus years, there's only one day that has been down more than up, and that same day has produced annualized returns of -15.96%.

Don't you want to know what days I'm talking about?

Now's your chance! Join me on December 19th for a live webinar where I'm going to share with you the historical rules that I live by as a trader.

I've analyzed over 60 years of stock market data, and I am going to tell you that if investors realized they could actually manage their own investments with a calendar SIGNIFICANTLY better than those "trained" on Wall Street, the game would be over.

Now, I don't just want to share this information with you and then send you on your way. I want to teach you how to use this information yourself so you can turn the tables on Wall Street. But there's only so much you can absorb in a one-hour webinar. That's why we're also offering a 30 DAY ALL ACCESS pass to the Invested Central site.

With this all access pass, you're going to see everything that Invested Central has to offer its members, and you're going to see first hand how working with us has helped so many traders just like you increase their trading success. We're going to send you updates each day before the market opens to get you ready for the day. You're going to get my daily insights into the technical and sentiment indicators that are moving the market. And you're going to be able to join me in our members-only chat room each day at noon for a live breakdown of the market action as it's happening.

All this for just $7.

Sign up today to get instant access for just $7!

Let's face it...this isn't about the money. The $7 is just to cover our cost for your seat in the webinar, and that alone is going to be over an hour of intense technical analysis training (plus you'll get access to the recording after the event free of charge!). So if nothing else, just sign up for the webinar, learn what you can and be on your way. I promise you'll learn something new, or you can have your money back! So I think that alone is worth the $7.

The real value here, for those of you who are serious about taking your trading success to the next level, is the month long pass to experience everything we have to offer our members.

So if it's such a good deal, why are we doing it?

Because I know that if you sign up, explore our site, and like what you see, you're going to stick around. We have members who have been with us since we started in 2004, and they're still renewing every year. Why do they stick around? Well in this case, it IS about the money...the money we help them make every year that pays for their membership many times over!

You don't want to be sitting on your couch on Thursday wishing you were in this class. Sign up today!

Your Membership comes with...
  • Market updates via email each morning
  • Tom Bowley's daily market insights
  • Live daily Trading room
  • Trading candidates every day
  • Plus much, much more!
  • Market recap each night
  • Technical Analysis Video Library
  • Monthly educational webinars
  • 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Our "No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee" is very simple. If you're not completely satisfied with what you see, cancel anytime within the first 30 days for a full refund - no hard feelings, and no questions asked!

If you are an existing Invested Central member you do not need to register for this event, it is included in your membership.

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